Click on the titles of these files, if you wish to download the PDF file directly to your computer:

Philip Loheed AIA, Fitting Humans to the planet: Examining Resource Suitability Analysis and Methodologies (081201-earthOS Whitepaper PNL.pdf), earthOS White Paper 2008 (created at the request of the AIA Committee on the Environment)

Philip Loheed AIA, Urban Incubators: Fresh Creativity and Energy for Communities, (100228-LOHEED Manuscript-INCUBATOR.pdf)
Earthos White Paper, 2010

Philip Loheed AIA, Sarah Howard (Editor), Global Science and the Art of Settlement: Focus on Water, Food and Energy self sufficiency, (100201-CELA Manuscript-LOHEED.pdf) Earthos White Paper, 2010

Ninian Stein PhD, Sarah Howard, Philip Loheed AIA, City as Change: Collaborations for Sustainable Urban Life, (110103-CityAsChange.pdf), Earthos white paper presented to Massachusetts Historical Society Environmental History Seminar 3 January 2011

Earthos Institute, Bioregional Urbanism—Methods Workshop: Brief description and Agenda, (120222-Bioregional Urbanism HANDOUT.pdf). Outline of the two day training introduction to the concepts of our evolving methodology.



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